Yoga Mats

Choosing the right yoga mat can greatly enhance your yoga practice. It’s not just a matter of aesthetics; the right mat can provide the necessary support, grip, and comfort to facilitate various poses and movements.

When selecting a yoga mat, consider material, thickness, texture, eco-friendliness and the style of yoga you will be practicing..

Magic Carpet Yoga Mats

If you are here looking for the yoga mats designed by Sophie Leininger, I am afraid they are no longer available. Sophie sold that part of the business in 2019. Sophie can be found at

Cork Yoga Mats

Cork yoga mats are an excellent eco-friendly option with unique antimicrobial properties and good grip, especially for those who practice hot yoga or have a higher sweat level. However, the cost, weight, and care considerations might be drawbacks for some users.

Body by Yoga Luxury Cork Yoga Mat

Luxury Cork Yoga Mat - Non Slip, Extra Thick Grip. Thicker, Longer, and Wider for More Comfort and Support. Tough Enough For Hot Yoga. Natural, Non Toxic, and Eco Friendly. Optional Alignment Lines.

Designed by yoga instructors, this premium Portuguese cork yoga mat offers a non-slip surface with the ideal balance of cushion and support for all postures. A quarter-inch thick provides comfort without compromising stability, enhancing standing and balancing exercises.

The mat boasts six times the standard amount of cork for improved grip and durability, especially in sweaty conditions like hot yoga or intense home workouts. It’s eco-friendly, easy to clean, and comes with a 100% happiness guarantee.

Premium Non-Toxic Cork Yoga Mat With Alignment Marks

Premium Cork Yoga Mat With Alignment Marks – 100% Sweat Proof, Non Slip Yoga Mat – Eco Friendly, Non Toxic & Odor Free – Includes Bohemian Yoga Mat Bag

This eco-friendly cork yoga mat offers a non-toxic, chemical-free surface that’s self-cleaning and odor-resistant. Its non-slip, moisture-repelling properties make it ideal for sweaty practices. It features sleek alignment lines for precision in poses and a heavy-duty natural rubber backing that lays flat without sliding.

Designed by seasoned yoga teachers, the Boho Flow mat combines performance with sustainability and comes with a stylish handmade Macramé bag for easy transport. Suitable for all levels and styles, this durable mat is built to last a lifetime.

Patterned Yoga Mats

Liven up your yoga session with a colorful design.

Liforme Printed Yoga Mat

Liforme Printed Yoga Mat Collection – Free Yoga Bag, Patented Alignment System, Warrior-like Grip, Non-Slip, Eco-friendly, Sweat-resistant, Long, Wide and Thick for Comfort - Yellow

Elevate your yoga with this rainbow-inked Hope-inspired mat for beauty and performance. Experience unmatched grip with our innovative Liforme “GripForMe” material and stay aligned with our revolutionary “AlignForMe” system, reducing the risk of injury for yogis at all levels.

Embrace eco-friendly practices with our durable, non-toxic, PVC-free, and biodegradable materials. Crafted by yogis for yogis, join the Liforme family and transform your practice with our thick, comfortable mat. Available in Yellow, Blue, Pink and Purple.

Yoga Mats By Yoga Zeal

Opal Mat - Yoga Mats by Yoga Zeal - Luxuriously Soft, Durable, Beautifully Designed, Hot Yoga Mat for Daily Practice

This all-in-one yoga mat features natural tree rubber bonded to a faux suede towel layer. It eliminates the need to carry both a mat and towel and provides superior grip and cushion for your practice.

It’s machine washable for easy maintenance, extremely durable, and made with high-quality materials that remain soft without fading or bleeding ink.

There are 11 patterns available.

Organic Yoga Mat

Handmade Organic Cotton Yoga Mat

Handmade Organic Cotton Yoga Mat by Live Well 360 - Natural Yoga Mat - Exercise, Workout, & Fitness Rug Made of 100% Cotton - Woven Material - Hand-Crafted, Absorbent & Washable - 78" x 27" (Blue)

Eco-friendly and sustainable Yoga mat. It is crafted from 100% organic cotton without harmful chemicals, so kind to the environment. It is a breathable, hygienic mat, ideal for various exercises, including hot yoga.

Handwoven by Indian artisans, it offers durability and supports fair-trade practices and job creation in rural communities.

Beginners Yoga Mats

Lower-cost yoga mats are ideal for beginners.

Signature Fitness Extra Thick High-Density Anti-Tear Yoga Mat

Signature Fitness All Purpose 1/2-Inch Extra Thick High Density Anti-Tear Exercise Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap, Pink

The 71″ long and 24″ wide All-Purpose Premium exercise yoga mat provides ample comfort with 1/2″ thick high-density foam, cushioning your spine and joints even on hard floors.

It features double-sided, non-slip surfaces for optimal safety and balance. It’s also moisture-resistant, easy to clean, and has a convenient strap for hassle-free transport and storage. It’s available in seven colors.

Gaiam Yoga Mat

Gaiam Yoga Mat Premium Print Extra Thick Non Slip Exercise & Fitness Mat for All Types of Yoga, Pilates & Floor Workouts, Capri, 6mm

This thick, lightweight exercise yoga mat provides the extra cushioning your joints need, with a sticky non-slip texture for excellent traction, a stylish design for motivation, and is made from non-toxic, 6P free PVC for a healthier planet.

The mat comes with a free downloadable yoga class and measures 68 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 6 millimeters thick. There are many colors and designs to choose from.

Yoga Towels

Gaiam Yoga Towel

Gaiam Stay Put Yoga Towel Mat (Fits Over Standard Size - 70"L x 26"W), Lake, Large

This yoga mat towel features four corner pockets that secure it to the mat, preventing shifting and bunching. It is ideal for hot yoga due to its absorbent microfiber material, dries quickly and minimizes slipping.

This hypoallergenic towel, designed to fit standard-size yoga mats (68″L x 24″W), enhances stability and hygiene during yoga practice.

A brief guide to choosing the right yoga mat

  1. Consider the Thickness: A standard yoga mat is about 1/8 inch thick, but you can find 1/4-inch or even thicker mats. Thicker mats provide more cushioning for your joints, which can be helpful if you have knee or back pain. However, thicker mats can be heavier and more cumbersome to carry. Consider what will work best for your body and lifestyle.
  2. Material Matters: The most common materials for yoga mats are PVC, rubber, TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), and natural materials like cotton or jute. PVC mats are durable and provide a good grip but aren’t eco-friendly. Rubber, TPE, and natural materials offer eco-friendly options and often provide excellent traction and comfort, though they may wear down quicker than PVC.
  3. Texture for Traction: The texture of your yoga mat contributes to its traction. A mat with a rougher texture will provide more grip, which is helpful for more active or sweaty practices. Smooth mats might be more comfortable for restorative or gentle yoga but can be slippery.
  4. Stickiness for Stability: A sticky yoga mat keeps you from sliding and helps maintain alignment as you move from one pose to another and hold poses. PVC mats tend to have the highest stickiness, which can be great for stability but might feel restrictive if you like to flow quickly between poses.
  5. Size and Portability: Standard yoga mats are around 68 inches long and 24 inches wide. If you’re taller or want more space, look for longer or wider options. Also, consider the weight and portability of the mat, especially if you’ll be carrying it to a yoga studio.
  6. Eco-Friendliness: If you are environmentally conscious, look for mats made from recycled, natural, or biodegradable materials. Some companies also offer yoga mats made from non-toxic materials, which can be a healthier choice for you and the planet.
  7. Personal Style: Yoga mats come in a variety of colors and patterns. Choose one that resonates with your style and makes you happy and calm.
  8. Price Range: Yoga mats can be very affordable to quite expensive. Determine your budget, and remember that a higher price doesn’t always mean better quality. Sometimes, you pay for the brand name or design rather than the mat’s functionality.

Remember, the best mat for you is one that suits your personal needs, whether it’s comfort, grip, eco-friendliness, or aesthetic appeal. It’s worth trying out a few different types before making a decision.