Wholesale Terms

Order Placement: Wholesale Customer will apply for Wholesale Account via magiccarpetym.com or their Sales Representative. Once approved, Magic Carpet Yoga Mats will activate the Wholesale Customer’s unique login information to magiccarpetym.com and the customer may order through this website to receive wholesale pricing. By request, Wholesale Customers may submit orders manually and complete a Purchase Order indicating quantity and styles desired. Magic Carpet Yoga Mats will confirm the Purchase Order and ship the items by the indicated due date.

Minimum Order Quantity: $450
Minimum Re-Order Quantity: $300

Pricing: Wholesale Customer must retail mats, at minimum, the same as listed price on magiccarpetym.com.

Shipping and Labeling: Wholesale Customer pays for shipping at checkout or via the invoice. Unless otherwise specified, orders will ship via USPS Priority (Domestic Orders) or DHL (International Orders) in industrial strength cardboard cartons (200psi) marked with a shipping label and packing list. Tracking and Insurance are included for all shipments. If the Wholesale Customers prefers another carrier, they must provide MCYM with their account number on the Purchase Order. Yoga mats are marked with the Magic Carpet Yoga Mats logo, URL, country of origin, and use and care instructions. Wholesale Customers must indicate when registering their account if additional poly-bagging, barcodes, or additional labeling is required. 

Lead Time: Please allow up to 1 week for us to package your order. Domestic shipments deliver in 1-3 business days. International shipments deliver in 4 business days from date of shipment. 

Cancellation: Orders may not be cancelled once confirmed.

Invoicing and Payment: Orders placed through magiccarpetym.com will be paid for in full at check out. Magic Carpet Yoga Mats will generate and send invoices to the email address specified on the Purchase Order once items are shipped for manually submitted orders. Payment may be remitted via credit card, PayPal, check, or wire transfer. Instructions for remittance will be on each invoice.

To remit payment by check, please mail to:

Magic Carpet Yoga Mats
4133 Webster St. #9
Oakland, CA 94609

Payment Terms: Payment is due at checkout or upon receipt of invoice.

An invoice is considered late if payment is not received to our office 14 days after the invoice due date.

Finance charges are assessed at 1.5% per month times the past due amount 15 days after the invoice date, or a minimum of $5/month. Future orders may be delayed in the event of past due charges. Wholesale Customer agrees to pay any accrued finance charges in order to return their account to good standing.

• If the account is 30 days past due, Wholesale Customer will be required to purchase the subsequent by prepayment.

• If the account is 60 days past due, prepayment status will remain in effect for 90 days after the account has been made current.

• If the account becomes 90 days past due, the account may become closed.

• If Wholesale Customer does not make full payment to Magic Carpet Yoga Mats within this period of time, they will be liable to Magic Carpet Yoga Mats for:

       o The unpaid amount, including finance charges.

       o All costs and expenses for collection incurred by Magic Carpet Yoga Mats, including court and attorney fees.

• Any changes to these terms must be made in writing and signed by both parties.

Damaged Goods: Magic Carpet Yoga Mats implements quality control to ensure that products arrive securely. In the event of a damaged package, please contact us immediately to resolve the issue.

Wholesale Return Policy: Generally, returns are not accepted. If there is an issue, please contact us and we will do our best to resolve the matter. Requests for exchanges or credit for damaged product must be reported with photographic documentation of defects within 14 calendar days of receiving shipment. International shipping costs for exchanged goods will be paid at the Customer’s expense, and will only be accepted if products show no sign of use. Please contact your sales representative to arrange credits/exchanges.

Seller’s Permit: By signing this document I certify that this business has a valid Seller’s Permit.

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