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Cosmic Forest Lookbook

Photographer: Julia Corbett
Makeup:  Ellie Stosahl
Model: Holly Labus
Styling: Sophie Leininger

Every Body Magic

Photographer: Laila Bahman
Models:  Melissa Barron, Alotta Boutté, Holly Labus, Dania Cabello, Sophie Leininger and Dottie Lux 
Makeup: Ellie Strosahl
Styling: Sophie Leininger

Joshua Tree Lookbook

Photographer: Triston Lane
Makeup:  Ellie Stosahl
Models: Reshell Brown, and Alicia Panetta
Styling, Face Paint, sometimes modeling, and Bottle Cap Jewelry: Corinne Loperfido
All other Styling and Art Direction: Sophie Leininger
Rope Jewelry: Seth Damm

Rainbow Attic Lookbook

Photographer: Karen Doolittle
Model:  Sierra Delgado 
Hair and Makeup: Jenna Feldman

Pool Party Lookbook

Photographer: Elizabeth Hurley
Makeup:  Ellie Stosahl
Model: Allison Texeira
Wardrobe/Accessories: Sam Howell and Faye Kendall
All other Styling and Art Direction: Sophie Leininger

Magic Man Lookbook

Photographer: Elizabeth Hurley Photography
Model:  Josh Weiner 
Styling/Art Direction: Sophie Leininger

Hill Country Lookbook

Photographer: Edie Sunday
Model:  Lainey Murdock
Styling/Art Direction: Sophie Leininger
Styling: Sophie Leininger

Enchanted Rock Magic

Photographer: Olivia Vale and Ana Mercedes
Models:  Cecilia Blair 
Styling/Art Direction: Shari Gerstenberger and Sophie Leininger

Magic Carpets Lookbook

Photographer: Erica Davis
Models:  Unknown

One Love Family Lookbook

Photographer: Elena Kulikova

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