Employee Handbook

“At Will “ Employment

Your employment is “at will.” This means that you are free to end your employment with our company at any time and for any reason. It also means that our company can end your employment at any time and for any reason that is not illegal under state or federal law. This policy can be changed only by a written contract signed by an authorized representative of the company. No oral commitments to you regarding your employment are valid, whether made now or in the future.

Pay and Payroll

You will be compensated biweekly at the pay rate outlined in your offer letter. Our payroll system, Gusto, is paperless and your paychecks will direct deposit to your bank account. As we complete your hiring documents, you will receive a username and password to the Gusto website where you can access pay stubs and hiring documents.

Workdays, Hours, Communication

You are expected to work on days and times agreed upon with management. These hours will be recorded in the Magic Carpet Yoga Mats Google Calendar If a scheduling matter arises and you are unable to work, please communicate as soon as possible.

Performance Evaluations

Your performance will be evaluated once a year. At this time, we will review your ability to perform basic job functions, success and happiness at the company, changes to your schedule, upcoming opportunities, and pay increases.

During this meeting you will also have a chance to offer feedback about your supervisors or company operations. We may discuss these matters at other times, in addition to the annual performance evaluation.


Magic Carpet Yoga Mats does not offer health, vision, or dental benefits to employees at this time. Paid sick leave is calculated automatically in Gusto, and available for you to view at anytime via the Gusto website.

The company may occasionally offer employee lunches, paid classes, retreats, and outings. Pets and children are welcome in the office on an occasional basis as long as they do not interfere with job tasks or damage inventory/property. Work-form-home days are available with written approval from your supervisor.


Casual dress is acceptable in the studio/Magic Carpet Yoga Mats office. We may occasionally work outside of the studio/office, attending Craft Fairs, Trade Shows, and business meetings. For these occasions, please dress appropriately for the event. Please dress safely while operating machinery or moving heavy objects in the studio/office.

For example, long, flowing clothing and some jewelry could get caught while filling orders, receiving inventory, or operating the heat sealer, etc. and are not advisable while performing these tasks. Close-toed shoes are necessary at all times in the warehouse.


Magic Carpet Yoga Mats does not offer paid vacation or sick days. Please do not come to work if you are sick and could infect others. You may be able to work from home in this instance.

Vacations are defined as more than 1 consecutive day off. Vacations must be requested 3 weeks in advance and given written approval, otherwise you will be considered absent from your shift.

Time Off is defined as a taking a single day off. Time Off must be requested 1 week in advance and given written approval, otherwise you will be considered absent from your shift. Company owner and employees may take occasional vacations with advance notice, supervisor approval, and proper notation on a shared calendar.


Breaks are off periods of time during which employees are not actively working on the job. You are entitled to breaks at given intervals outlined below. Using the restroom is permissible at any time. Lactating mothers may nurse whenever necessary.

Hours Worked Meal Break Required

0-5 hours Optional 10 minute paid break

5.1-6 hours *Optional 30 minutes unpaid break

6.1-10 hours *Mandatory 30 minutes unpaid break

*=state law

Discrimination and Harassment

Discrimination based on gender, national origin, race, disability, veteran status, age, sexual orientation, disability, and gender expression, or harassment is not permitted at Magic Carpet Yoga Mats. If you suspect discrimination or harassment, please report it immediately to your supervisor.

Health and Safety

It is important that you feel both physically and emotionally safe at work. Please dress appropriately for the task at hand to prevent accident and injury. If injury occurs on the job, you must report it immediately. We will file Worker’s Compensation claims as needed.

Office Culture

Our office is a fun, humorous, hard-working and creative environment. We are a small company; individual personalities and preferences greatly shape our office culture. We strive for efficiency and high quality performance in all areas of our business and support each other to make this possible. We communicate promptly, maturely and respectfully with one another in our words and actions.

Conflict Resolution

If conflict arises, it should be promptly, honestly, and professionally addressed between parties. The parties should work together to find resolution. Third party mediation may be used if necessary.

Privacy in the Workplace

Certain aspects of the company are private, including the names of vendors and customers. These are outlined in greater detail in the Non-Disclosure Agreement you will sign during the hiring process.


As stated above, your employment is “at will.” In the event you are unable to perform your basic job functions, you are insubordinate, or you are inappropriate with coworkers, vendors, or customers, you will be issued a written warning.

You will be asked to sign the warning during a sit-down review of the incident. At this meeting, you will be told what needs to change in order for you to remain employed with the company. Refusal to sign the written warning may result in termination due to insubordination. Failure to comply with the changes out lined during the written warning review will result in termination.

Grounds for automatic termination include: arriving to work intoxicated or under the influence of illegal substances, stealing from the company, committing state or federal crimes on the company premises or during work hours, discrimination, harassment, absence from work without advance notice, excessively rude language with coworkers, vendors, or customers.

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