Have you heard?

“Magic Carpet Yoga Mats are hand painted and sustainably printed. Plus, they’re totally gorgeous, especially this one that borrow from a classic rug pattern and looks like it belongs in a coastal California arts-and-crafts home. (Not to mention Aladdin is so hot on Broadway right now.)”-Well+Good NYC

“You’re going to go the front of the yoga class with these, they are SO cool!” –Chassie Post, The Today Show

Mélangeant le traditionnel et le moderne, les motifs sont colorés et originaux.” -A La Mode Montreal

“Stepping up its yoga game, Magic Carpet Yoga Matsare perhaps some of the coolest we’ve come across to date. Instead of the standard solid colors —maybe a stripe here or a sunburst there — your exercise necessity has been transformed into a mini work of art.” -Refinery29

“How clever and pretty! If their gorgeous look isn’t enough to convince you then the following might: Performing yoga postures on a beautiful mat enhances the yoga experience by connecting the pleasures of the heart to the movement of the body.” -Boat People Vintage

“Inject a healthy dose of personality into your pigeon pose: Sophie Leininger’s hand-painted Magic Carpet mats infuse your practice with color and pattern, using UV-cured and environmentally friendly inks. Take a trip back in time with this new Art Deco–inspired pad, or get closer to nature with the desert- and mountain-inspired designs. ” -Fitness Magazine winfrey6f-1-web

“If they were really magic, Magic Carpet Yoga Mats would help you master crow pose. But they will give you more motivation to hit up a class, if only to flaunt their bold, textile-inspired designs, hand drawn by Oakland-based artist Sophie Leininger. ” -O Magazine

“We spend so much time in yoga staring down at our mats, so shouldn’t they be something visually pleasing? Something that enhances our practice beyond physical support? Artist Sophie Leininger seems to think so.”-Alyssa DeHayes via yogainheels.com

” (Magic Carpet Yoga Mats) make you want to create shapes with your body equally as stunning.” -Outside Magazine “If Aladdin ever wanted to do Shooting Bow Pose, he’d grab one of these textile-inspired mats.” -Glossed and Found

“I have a Magic Carpet Yoga Mat and I LOVE it so much! It’s super high quality, I can easily align my hands and feet, which makes for better practice, PLUS I always have the prettiest mat in class” –via Design*Sponge

“Tuck one of NorCal artist Sophie Leininger’s Magic Carpet Ride yoga mats in the corner of your closet for a little encouragement not to skip this week’s session. Each mat is sustainably printed from one of Leininger’s painted designs.” -DailyCandy San Francisco

Sophie Leininger ‘s Magic Carpet Yoga Mats, are the neatest mats I’ve ever seen. Getting one pronto, I suggest you do the same and jump on the cool person boat.  These things are going to take off….um…get really popular” — Summer Sanders, Holistic Nutrition Specialist.

“i will double my sun salutation rounds because i can’t help it but do countless forward bends to admire this yoga mat made by an artist.” -ThatUrbanHippie

“…all kinds of kitschy fun whether you loved Disney’s Aladdin or not.” -MizzFIT in alignyo.

“The mats are striking and have a handmade quality that makes them charming. The colors are also so rich and beautiful, they are sure to add even more joy to your yoga session.” -Veggie Scene

“These beauties put my decomposing Lululemon mat to shame- I know what’s on the top of my Christmas list this year!” -Mercury on Design, Portland Mercury

An interview with myself and Jennie Smithe of 351 Apparel!  Click here to see the full article. Mini shout-out in apparel blog, 351 Apparel.  Check out the pic!

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